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Live record of HOLD CNC Shanghai Exhibition

Live record of HOLD CNC Shanghai Exhibit...


The 46th China Home Expo (Shanghai) was solemnly opened in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center, Hode CNC participated in the exhibition

Hold CNC Guangzhou Home Expo closed successfully

Hold CNC Guangzhou Home Expo closed succ...


At the 9.1c18 booth in area B of Guangzhou Fair Exhibition Hall, Hold CNC sent out an all-star edge banding machine lineup for skin sensitive boards, high gloss boards and wooden doors.

HOLD CNC Exhibition |China Construction Expo 2020 (Guangzhou)

HOLD CNC Exhibition |China Construction ...


On July 8, 2020 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) was held as scheduled.Haode CNC carried in area B 10.1-23

Technical Progress of Woodworking Sliding Table Saw

Technical Progress of Woodworking Slidin...


Firstly, as the name implies, the most significant technical advancement of the woodworking sliding table saw is the processing precision provision, which is of great importance for the panel processing industry, because the improvement in precision will contribute to the beauty and comfort effect of the furniture.

Merits and Maintenance Methods of Electronic Panel Saw

Merits and Maintenance Methods of Electr...


Electronic panel saw features the merits below: 1. Higher productivity;2. Longer service life;3. Woodworking panel saw enables a higher transmission efficiency and a lower friction loss.

Requirements of CNC Drilling Machine on Position Detection Device

Requirements of CNC Drilling Machine on ...


The function of a position detection device is to determine the displacement and speed of a moving part in the automatic drilling machine, send a feedback signal to form a closed-loop control system, and convert it into a digital signal and send it back to the CNC device for comparison with the pulse command signal, thus controlling the correct operation of drive element.

Regional After Sales Service

HOLD after-sales teams are located in China and abroad, and we focus on the research and development of automation, CNC, and custom-made panel furniture. We always aim at customer needs and take contious effort.
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